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Middle Whitecleave Organic Geese


"We put one rabbit leg inside the goose along with stuffing and a wild duck. We then put two rabbits (minus one leg) under the goose. All tasted delicious. The leg cooked inside the goose was particularly juicy and soft. The goose had a huge amount of meat and fed all 15 of us. So we had the rabbits and duck as left-overs. Next year we will definitely pack a couple of rabbit legs inside the goose with the stuffing."

"Thank you for a beautiful goose. In 50 years of havng one for Christmas I have never had a more delicious one. It was impeccably plucked and packaged and arrived punctually. The whole family join me in thanking you for excellent service and a superb organic product."

"The 4kg goose was delicious and plentifully fed seven with some left-overs."

“The goose was very tasty and meaty. Looking forward to next year already.”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful goose. I cooked it using a Sophie Grigson recipe with two stuffings—quite fantastic. Keep on with your eminently successful venture. I’m looking forward to next Christmas already.”

“We greatly enjoyed the goose—absolutely delicious. The 4.9kg was a bit big for five adults but we had a delicious goose curry to finish it off.”

"The goose was fantastic. I cooked it stuffed with just an orange and some fresh herbs. It was perfect."

“Thank you for our Christmas goose. My wife and our youngest son prepared a Christmas dinner fit for an emperor with the bird you provided.”

“The geese were lovely. Thanks so much.”