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Middle Whitecleave Organic Geese

Our Geese

Our Geese

Our breeding geese start laying in February with the first goslings hatching in early April. After 2-3 weeks under heat, the goslings are then free to explore and graze their lush organic pastures each day only returning to their freshly strawed sheds at night to avoid unwanted attention from predators. Here they enjoy topping up their diets with a nutrient rich organic feed which is enhances their early development.

Every oven-ready goose we sell is bred, reared, slaughtered, matured for two to three weeks in chillers, and dressed here on the farm. This greatly reduces stress on the birds and gives us full control and traceability at all stages.


Egg production in geese is very seasonal, usually running from February until mid-June. Incubation of the eggs takes 31/ 32 days with the last of the goslings hatching in mid-July.

As the breeding season approaches, grass is usually in short supply and so to meet the critical nutritional requirements of geese producing eggs which are not only fertile but also hatch well into sturdy goslings, a special compound organic feed is supplied. This is bought from a feed supplier registered with and policed by the Soil Association to make sure organic standards are fully complied with. For example GM ingredients and feed additives are not permitted in organic rations.

For the rest of the year all the breeders have to do is walk to their pastures every morning and back to their houses at night where they are safe from predators. During the day they free to eat as much organic grass as they want and in every evening they receive an allowance of organic wheat or other organic cereals, whenever possible grown on local organic farms.