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Middle Whitecleave Organic Geese

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How to order an Organic Goose for Christmas 2018 or New Year 2019

Our oven ready Organic Geese are priced at £12.95 per kilo weighing from 2.5kg to 6kg. Weight includes giblets and fat. Price will be based on exact dressed weight.

Because we are organic goose breeders, and all stages up to packing the oven-ready goose take place here on the farm, there is no middle man needing a margin. That is why we can offer a top quality fully organic goose at a keen price.

Orders are delivered in insulated boxes by Fedex's Next-day-by-noon service (£15 for Tuesday to Friday, £30 for Saturdays). No delivery possible on Sundays or Mondays.

If you know of another person who would like an Organic Goose for Christmas/New Year it makes great sense to make a joint order as we can deliver two geese to one address for the same price as a single goose.

Simply fill your details in the form below and we will reply promptly with confirmation of your order and details of how to pay for your goose. If you would prefer to speak over the phone we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have or take your order on 01769 520506.

Note: this year Dec 24th is Monday (no deliveries), Dec 23rd is Sunday (no deliveries), Dec 22nd is Saturday (£30). If you can take delivery before Friday 21st Dec (and maybe freeze it) this will help ease the mad last minute rush for us and the couriers.

Fill in the form below to order your goose. (click on the small arrows in the boxes to see the options)